Why is it called black design?

why is it called black design?

why is it called black design?

why is it called black design?

why is it called black design as per you seen in above image i design this bookshelf for the wall which is also painted in black color with black painted molding on it that is why is it called black design let me describe how and where we use bookshelf this bookshelf really help blogger to adjust his books, notes , printed papers etc in separate small partitions or shelves in bookshelf.

Basically bookshelf not only maintain by blogger they are used in houses,corporate offices ,school and universities libraries,book keeping stores and so on.bookshelf sizes are customize and made on need of client
according to space of his home or offices some models are compact in size some are huge in height up-to ceiling or precisely 8ft or 9ft in height as per you seen in above image.some shelves are horizontally placed some vertically some are fixed some are temporarily all depend on size and design.front side of bookshelf are organised by clear glass door which prevent dust and moisture and keeping safe your precious books and notes
in following step i will describe some designs of bookshelf and how is it made.

Types of bookshelf designs

so many bookshelf designs are in market now a days modern, mid-century modern, transitional, traditional, contemporary, and industrial bookshelf .basic concept is to store books in safe place with easy reach

Materials used in bookshelflaminate mdf and stainless steel wall art

in old times main material for bookshelf is solid wood of teak or oak or mango which is easily available to client or carpenter making bookshelf in wood is hard task and expensive thing so now a days if client do not have high budget or cannot go with solid wood then
we introduce cheap material like particle board ,mdf,wpc,plyboard,laminates etc because at the end money matters lots for client and same for us.this book shelf made in ms or iron frames

why is it called black design?

why is it called black design?

Bookshelf design

its all start with measurement of wall where you want your bookshelf.we take measurement on site by measuring height and width of wall then we also check base of wall is solid or made by ply-board or any other material.
after exact measurement we start to create basic drawing for wall how many shelves or another design we can create in given size how we locate in wall what is positions of shelves in wall we make 2d drawing first according to sizes after that we execute 3d models in which we describe thickness of wall or design and size of shelves or design by client wish.

3d modelling

usually artist like me gaze on latest trends, estimating the price value of trend which guiding the market and
which things are gaining access to the business. usually, when a new trend is in we uses 3d software’s like artcam corel etc and start designing these latest things.
firstly i searched high quality pics on google or another search engines like pint rest etc after that i choose one of the best picture in position or in quality to use it as reference image for client.

JOINING and cutting

after purchasing of sheets we start to make a frame by cutting material by machines in precise right angle on which we screwed sheets and join or align them as per in design .some design take 4 sheets joining some will take 6 sheets depend on size of wall and sheet size
our frame fixed on wall then we proceed to fix shelves in it.


When frame hanged on wall we start sanding of design to give good finish because paint finish depend on base material finishing if base material is not properly finish paint will not look good in quality after completion of sanding paint-job started as per client choice of color scheme or duco , pu and polyester paint we can do depend on client budget polyester is expensive as compare to pu and duco.


in some of our designer bookshelf we use l.e.d lights to back lit and to enhance the mystic look of given wall it raise grace of wall as well as costing of wall too. color of light we choose according to color scheme of wall or interior designer consult client to which color is suitable.

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