How to make queen front entry doors ?

how to make queen front entry doors ?

how to make queen front entry doors ?

How to make Queen front entry doors

doors is a free blockade of any house office or any building or space which grant access to peoples,means of transport to entry or is grasp by door frame.In old times doors frame are mainly made of solid teak wood or sal wood(type of wood) same wood use for making door it give antique look after polishing and attract viewer attraction or leave good impression on your a days glass doors,flush doors,plastic doors ,steel doors and ms doors are also available in market but no comparison with solid teak wood doors they are best security doors for homes as well as give a classy look to home interior.we mainly make front doors for homes single doors or double doors otherwise variety in teak wood have long list like teak garage doors,front entry doors,exterior doors,open door etc. we can customize them accordingly the need of client and budget of client because teak wood doors are expensive too .You can easily see carving and engraving or designer work on door in above image .these type of designer doors take time to make let me describe how to engrave wood in following steps.


If you are looking a great way to increase the value and beauty of your home interior or office interior, then look no further.we offer you a door made with c.p #teak wood .It can give your place a majestic look.


The journey of manufacturing of this special door starts when #teak-wood joins the planks by finger-joint process.After accomplish of joining,wood needs to left for some days in open air to low down the moisture so that it give super dry look and make easy to work on it.


When procedure of drying is finish once then we need the size of the place .after measuring the proper size we start the making of 3d what is this #3d model ?.This is type of model which we create on different  3d software’s such as #artcam .this software plays an essential role in the manufacturing of the door.As we can say this software make the soul of this door when making of this 3d model complete.


how to make queen front entry doors ?

how to make queen front entry doors ?

3d modelling

usually artist like me gaze on latest trends, estimating the price value of trend which guiding the market and which things are gaining access to the business. usually, when a new trend is in we uses 3d softwares like artcam corel etc and start designing these latest things.this design made of 3d software give command into another software which make programmed to use by cnc machines.making 3d  models is lengthy process to make model from scratch.

how to make queen front entry doors ?

how to make queen front entry doors ?

#CARVINGhow to engrave wood for double front entry doors

The second last step is carving.Carving is always done on a machine called #cncrouter. Carving and programming is done on the basis of the 3d model .The machine works as the programmed gives command.The process of carving on the wood takes almost 1 to 3 days and this works goes without any pause .When the carving goes done the peculiarity comes out of the door.


Now the last step which gives finishing it is sanding and polishing .We give it manually with proper perfection so that the final look should mesmerize the eyes whoever sees it.choose wisely door hanger design for this door.

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