how to cut corian for good lift design

how to cut corian for good lift design

how to cut corian for good lift design

how to cut corian for good lift design

good lift design is essential for designer lifts.lift is a main support of any structure either office for corporate or home for family a days lift is most important part of any building.with help of lifts we elevate ourselves to highest height of building so easily tenth floor or second floor lift is necessary now a days..while elevating ourselves to tenth floor we wait some minutes in cabin lifts and if cabin interior design is good we pass that time with good vibes otherwise lift cabin is irritating place to wait our work is to design modern cabin design as per building structure or building design.we have so many design for cabin interior per show in image it is one of our design in which we use corian for back-lit same as on ceiling of lift.let me describe how to cut corian for good lift designs in following points.


modern cabin interior design is start with cabin measurements as per passengers requirement six passenger or eight passenger or four passenger different cabin size will change interior of cabin design accordingly normally we design as per client taste.


After measurement of cabin we start to make drawing of selected design of left and right panel and ceilings we provides exact dimensions and printout of designs .any amendment done later in drawing if we have any.

how to cut corian for good lift design

how to cut corian for good lift design

3d modelling

usually artist like me gaze on latest trends, estimating the price value of trend which guiding the market and which things are gaining access to the business. usually, when a new trend is in we uses 3d software like artcam corel etc and start designing these latest things.this design made of 3d software give command into another software which make programmed to use by cnc machines.


As per design we choose material some we make in wood some in mdf or wpc stock some in corian marble as per shown in image this design make in corian marble with back-lit to give marvelous look.why we choose corian marble it is because properties of corian.what is corian.Its mainly use is as a corian countertops(what is corian countertops) surface, now a days so many companies making solid surface.LG and samsung one of has property to translucent light white corian originated by dupont mainly in different thickness.we can purchase 12mm and 6 mm from market it is eaisly available now a days and several  corian color options are there too. corian cutting is hard task to do i can describe in following steps how to do it properly According to need of your home interior for corian work you can contact us or you can google corian fabricators near me.


using end mill tool for engravingbest corian temple (DARBAR SAHIB)
It is beautifully engraved in 12 mm corian by using of advance technology imagery in ways you’ve never seen before.we firstly clamp corian marble on machine according to specifications then we install precise tool in spindle of machine which start cutting corian. spindle rpm set minimum 12000 for good result after setting up corian marble and origin of start point we execute program to start engraving it will take 10 hours to finish with one tool then we install second tool for border and outer is an automatic process operator check and give surety that engraving is going fine as per program .if any mistake happen while engraving it cant be undone .we have to start again with new corian marble.

THERMOFORMING or corian thermoforming or bending corian

what is thermoforming? usually two types of thermoforming is there first is by vacuum second is by pressure in this we do thermoforming by pressurise corian at certain point to achieve that shape or to manipulate the shape of corian according to need before pressurizing we heat it because without heat you cannot bend corian marble when bending is done we clamp it in that position for one day and give time to corian to be stable in normal temperature. after that we just clean corian and your table is ready to go.


For purchasing of above mention creative corian art piece you can mail me or leave me your comment or you can also contact us just check mine contact page i feel glad if got some work by you or your can also start trading of this type of item just feel free to contact me.

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