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Take me homebest corian temple (DARBAR SAHIB)

There is only one place in whole world where we spent lots of time its none another then our home sweet home .where we playing video games,watching movies on television,entertaining ourselves talking on phone with friends or relatives.relaxing on holiday in home is like living in heaven.so home is so necessary and basic thing for us as well as walls are essential for home without walls we cannot build up a perfect home although i am home chef so i like to live in with good wall design.so here we are not talking about home decor or walls only we are talking about designer or interior wall design in our home or living room which enhance look of our home interior.there are so many confusing questions raised about designer wall art like which design suits, which material ,how is it made and extremely important who will design and fabricate it properly in given sizes so as per shown in above image its our one of designer wall let me tell you how we start and made it and do not worry its not high in price you need not to take home loan for this.


its all start with measurement of wall in home where you want your designer or interior wall design.we take measurement on site by measuring height and width of wall then we also check base of wall is solid or made by ply-board or any other material because our interior wall design hang on this base like we hang photos frame on wall in home.

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after exact measurement we start to create basic drawing for wall how many flowers or another design we can create in given size how we locate in wall what is positions of flowers in wall we make 2d drawing first according to sizes after that we execute 3d models in which we describe thickness of wall or design and size of flowers or design by client wish.


In your home for interior wall design. we select mdf or wpc material easily available in market(8ft by 4 ft in size )it depends which material is selected by client according to budget. mdf is cheaper than wpc but wpc is heat proof, termite proof and water proof quality mdf does not have these qualities but in some places you can use it in interior murals or small interior design wall.

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after selecting material and design we start to engraved or embossed design on wpc sheets for example we take 19mm sheet of wpc we can engraved it only 12mm to make design left material is used as base of design in sheets which give strength to sheet and design itself.


after engraving on sheets we start to make a iron frame on which we screwed sheets and join or align them as per in design .some design take 4 sheets joining some will take 6 sheets depend on size of wall and sheet size our iron frame hang on wall like photo frame with engraved sheets on it

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take me home

Paint job

When frame hanged on wall we start sanding of design to give good finish because paint finish depend on base material finishing if base material is not properly finish paint will not look good in quality after completion of sanding paint job started as per client choice of color scheme or duco , pu and polyester paint we can do depend on client budget polyester is expensive as compare to pu and duco.


In some of our interior wall design we use l.e.d lights to back-lit and to enhance the mystic look of given wall it raise grace of wall as well as costing of wall too. color of light we choose according to color scheme of wall or interior designer consult client to which color is suitable.

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