best hanuman ji photos on corian

best hanuman ji photos on corian

best hanuman ji photos on corian



lord hanuman is known as admirer of lord Rama according to vedic holy books of Hinduism. In the epic of Ramayana written by sage valmiki hanumaan unite with lord Rama in clash against lankapati Ravan because of his untouchable powers he set on fire golden lanka with using his tail to show the glimpse of his powers to asurs of lanka. According to vedas he has super muscularity,super speed of fly, super strength ,two sidhis laghima and garima  he also hold a gada . there are several stories about them from his childhood appetite to eat sun or his popular story to lifting of a mountain to save laxman life who is shot by ravan arrow.In praise of lord hanumaan i can write thousand of words. let me describe the process of making lord hanumaan on corian as per you seen in above image.

Material corian marble

what is corian

Its mainly use is as a corian countertops(what is corian countertops) surface, now a days so many companies making solid surface.LG and samsung one of has property to translucent light white corian originated by dupont mainly in different thickness.we can purchase 12mm and 6 mm from market it is eaisly available now a days and several  corian color options are there too. corian cutting is hard task to do i can describe in following steps how to do it properly According to need of your home interior .for corian work you can contact us or you can google corian fabricators near me.

best hanuman ji photos on corian

best hanuman ji photos on corian


Converting photo in #3dmodel
firstly i searched high quality pics of #lord hanumaan on google or another search engines like #pinterest etc after that i choose one of the best picture in position or in quality then after enhancing picture quality on photoshop i ll import that pic in 3d software to make 3d model.


using #3d software to make program or g-code
when 3d model of lord hanumaan is ready with good finish. I start to make program file which read by cnc router machine or we can say i make g-code for machine using cam software such as art cam power mill etc. In which we select tool or bit to use machine feed speed plunge speed in and out on stock much depth of cut of tool and speed of cutting mention.we can also calculate timing by simulation on software. This photo size is approx 2 feet long 2 feet in width it will take minimum 13 hours to complete engraving on corian material (corian 12 mm).after engraving of 3d model we design border and exact size on machine.

ENGRAVED1 number blogger bookshelf

It is beautifully engraved in 12 mm corian by using of advance technology imagery in ways you’ve never seen before.we firstly clamp material on machine according to specifications then we install precise tool in spindle of machine which start engraving on corian cutting easily.spindle rpm set minimum 12000 for good result .after setting up material and origin of start point we execute program to start engraving it will take 12 hours to finish with one tool then we install second tool for border and outer is an automatic process operator check and give surety that engraving is going fine as per program or 3d model if any mistake happen while engraving it cant be undone .we have to start again with new material.


Back framing is done with different material and backlit by l.e.d .We use warm color three chip module of samsung company to give grace to engraved corian as you can see in above image it is good for home interior and office interiors .it leave different impression on client if it is place in your office.


For purchasing of above mention creative corian art piece you can mail me or leave me your comment or you can also contact us just check mine contact page i feel glad if got some work by you or your can also start trading of this type of item just feel free to contact can follow me on instagram @rmndeepg.i am droping one youtube linkin which you can check how i cut corian

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