new mandir design for home

new mandir design for home

new mandir design for home


new mandir design for home like shivdarbar temple is a formation of different material like concrete ,bricks ,marble ,metal etc. but basic motive is devoted for holy or godly deeds in which we thanks to god, meditate oneself to attain high cautious ,or to worship idol which are placed in mandir or temple by the priest or pujari of my personal opinion wen we meditate and worship with dedication and in consistent period of time that place is full of positive energy and appearance or existence of good souls you can feel so if you give space for mandir or temple in your home it is beneficiary for you in personal life as well as social life so as per in image you can seen


i design this mandir or temple in Corian material with om design engraved in it and backlit by l.e.d modules will try to explain how i made Corian mandir .kindly read the following points for further information on this and don’t forget to share with others it really help me to promote my work to others with your single click of share you can share it on Facebook twitter Instagram etc you know if any other don’t forget to mention in comments so lets start


Firstly we visit the site where Corian mandir is establish in coming time we check all dimensions walls ceilings floor etc to clarify any technical issue which can come after or in between installation of mandir or temple after clear all of our confusion we go to next point which is designing.

When we have exact dimensions of place we start to design it on software we start to make it from scratch or some time we use the reference images given by client usually artist like me look on current styles, estimating the price value of new style .which things are gaining access to the business. usually, when a new style is in we uses 3d software’s like artcam corel etc and start designing these latest things .this design made of 3d software give command into another software which make programme to use by cnc machines .firstly i searched high quality pics on google or another search engines like Pinterest etc after that i choose one of the best picture in position or in quality .Then after enhancing picture quality on photoshop i ll import that pic in 3d software to make 3d model. when we finalize the design we assure or send that design to client if any amendment is there we do it before going to next step.

After go ahead confirmation on design we start to purchase the stuff on which we make mandir some time we made on wood some time on wpc or mdf in this we choose corian marble to make the mandir with om engraved in it.A question is raised every time in front of me that what is let me tell you about corian marble first of all Its mainly use is as a corian countertops(what is corian countertops) surface, now a days so many companies making solid surface.LG and samsung one of has property to translucent light white corian originated by dupont mainly in different thickness.we can purchase 12mm and 6 mm from market it is eaisly available now a days and several  corian color options are there too. corian cutting is hard task to do lets go to next step

when 3d model of mandir is ready . I start to make program file on software which read by cnc machine. In which we select tool or bit to use by machine spindle then we set the feed speed and plunge speed on corian material .how much depth of cut is required of tool. we also calculate timing of cutting by simulation on software but it may vary by the actual real condition of machine .This photo size is approx 6 feet long 4 feet in width it will take minimum 13 hours to complete engraving on corian marble material (corian 12 mm).after corian cutting of 3d model we design border and exact size .

We start cutting of 12 mm corian marble by using of cnc routers in different ways you’ve never seen before.we firstly fixed stuff on cnc router bed table according to specifications then we install end mill tool in spindle of machine which start corian cutting easily. spindle rpm set minimum 15000 for better result .after setting up corian stuff we set off origin of start point after that we cycle start the program to start cutting on corian marble .it will take 13 hours to finish with one tool then we install second tool for border and outer is an automatic process operator check and give surety that cutting is going excellent as per given codes if any mistake happen while cutting it cannot be undone.

After all process of designing stuff selection and cutting we start to assemble all pieces to make one delicate mandir like in some of mandir we have pillars roof tops mehrab  etc.some cabinets made on plyboard then we finish it with polyester or pu paint some cabinet are clad with corian marble depend on budget and choice of clients.

Back framing is done with different material and backlit by l.e.d .We use warm color three chip module of samsung company to give grace to engraved corian as you can see in above image it is good for home interior and office interiors .it leave different impression on client if it is place in your office.

Thermoforming or corian thermoforming or bending corian
what is thermoforming? usually two types of thermoforming is there first is by vacuum second is by pressure in this we do thermoforming by pressurize corian at certain point to achieve that shape or to manipulate the shape of corian according to need before pressurizing we heat it because without heat you cannot bend corian marble when bending is done we clamp it in that position for one day and give time to corian to be stable in normal temprature .after that we just clean corian and your table is ready to go.


or purchasing of above mention creative corian art piece you can mail me or leave me your comment or you can also contact us just check mine contact page i feel glad if got some work by you or your links. you can also start trading of this type of item just feel free to contact me.
i hope you got some good information from this article kindly share with others too.feel free to comment if any question raised you can drop message in comment section
thanks and warm regards
from rmndeep g

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