Buy online teak wood door

Buy online teak wood door

Buy online teak wood door

Buy online teak wood door

As a stuff or material wood is already exist in nature before humans start to think about crafting.Nature gifted us so many things like metals ,coal ,petroleum, wood etc now we know how to utilize or use them as materials.One of those material is wood. Wood is a composition of tissues of plant and trees which carries water and minerals for them.Mainly wood has two classes hardwood and softwood which sub divided in small categories like hardwood has oak wood,teak wood,balsa wood,beech wood where as softwood has spruce wood and pine wood.Both hardwood and softwood produces by trees and plants which are gymnosperms and angiosperms.So i am not writing about botany here let me describe how i convert round logs of teak wood in designers doors.
so many types of wood available from many different countries we choose teak wood for making doors some time we make doors on pine to but as per seen in above image this is made on c.p teak wood kindly read following points for further knowledge.


In doors heritage main door frame is made by solid teak wood and door is joined in that way in which you can see the grains of teak wood it gives good vibrations to on lookers as per you seen in above image this door photo is raw or without polish after polish this door give a vintage look like door of ancient times.


For our doors we only choose marked teak-wood round log best in quality size grains and with minimum moisture.


After selecting size of teak-wood log we start to make desired size like we need 2 inch width from 5 by 5 inch log then we cut that log as per dimensions.

Buy online teak wood door

Buy online teak wood door


After cutting as per our dimensions we start to seasoned our log planks because some moisture always remain in tree log and we need zero moisture for good carving and engraving on wood.

UNITEWhy is it called black design?

Voyage of designer door start when zero moisture log planks unite with each other by finger joint In between joint we also apply resin glue to interlock the joins without any gap visible to naked eyes.


After accomplish the process of joining we give a visit to your place for cross check the precise dimensions of door frame in millimetres.

Buy online teak wood door

Buy online teak wood door


When we are satisfied with dimensions we start to design a 3d model on software’s which is choose by client or given reference image some time we made design from scratch to enhance the grace of your home interior.we confirmed that design from client after that we go ahead in next process.


Some software make design and some software use to control cnc machines for engraving in which we describe the specification of size ,design, tool, cycle time ,spindle speed, depth of cutting etc.Normal door will take minimum 8 hours to complete one side of door. cnc machine engraved as per command given to machine and this work continuous without any pause.Beauty of doors comes out when engraving done on given stock. Droping a link of my youtube channel where you can see how i engraved doors kindly check it


Final step is to give smooth look on the engraved area by sand paper some varnish is done manually and some on machine after varnish or sanding final look give a gracious look whoever see it some client do pu paint and some do natural lacquer as per client wish we proceed further.


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