sadhguru kabir life story

sadhguru kabir life story

sadhguru kabir life story

sadhguru kabir life story


Saints I see the world is mad. If I tell the truth they rush to beat me,if I lie they trust me.
— Kabir, Shabad – 4,
No alphabet ,words or sentences can describe the great sadhguru kabir g .i am here to brief some glimpse of his life story sadhguru kabir born in muslim community(in many stories he take birth in hindu but no evidence for that) same debate over his birth date some says around 1350 some says around 1414 is birth year of sadhguru kabir. sadhguru kabir family work as weavers in society. sadhguru kabir believe only in one god he never do idol worship in early days of his life he lived in varanasi. His god name is RAM. sadhguru kabir nature is poetic he use easy hindi language in his poems couplets songs and sometime he used to mix braj and sanskrit language words. sadhguru kabir poems and verses mainly roaming around god praise.In bijak granth you can find lots of poems and dohe which has true meanings and still implement on today’s life and world.Without any doubt he is one of most enlightened human being on earth that time but society of that time told his mother that your son is mad but in reality only sadhguru kabir is mentally so strong in varansi .when sadhguru kabeer merge with god peoples fought for his body as some believe he is hindu and some beileive he is muslim. sadhguru kabir followers start a panth known as kabir panth they called themselves kabir panthi which are still in existence but the soul likesadhguru kabir come on earth in thousands of year.some verses or baanis of sadhguru  kabir is include in holy granth of sikh as per you seen in above image i engraved sadhguru kabir photo in corian marble let me describe how i made it in following points.

corian sheet

corian sheet is a man made material which is originally made by dupont company overseas.which as some astonishing properties it is non porous,easy to clean,repairable,seamless,durable ,strength,translucent,available in more than 40 shades.It is used as kitchen tops ,counter tops,kitchen sinks,designer wall etc because of its property of translucent we engraved mirror image in 12 mm white corian and back lit it like you see in above image.It is easily available in markets now.

sadhguru kabir life story
computer aided design or CAD

When we confirm the picture with client we start to make a 3 d model by using some 3d softwares which is optimise for CAD designing .firstly we choose best quality image which we want to make then we proceed further for making that photo it will take around two or three days to accomplish good 3d model by software on computer only then we go on further procedure.

computer aided machining or CAM

when CAD file is ready we use different software to make CAM files or you can say tool-path which generates g code which are read by cnc machines without g code we cannot able to start machining it is also a necessary process it will take one day to make full machining programmed according to material .

sadhguru kabir life story
Corian cuttingArea of a circle used at house

when CAM or g code is ready with us we clamp corian sheets on machine bed according to our need then we adjust tool which cut corian .mainly we use conical tool for smoothness and finishing with spindle speed around 12000 and plunge or feed around 3000 this corian cutting process take time according to size this photo will take minimum 12 hrs continuing process on machine after that we check for any error and rectify it on machine itself


when we finalize corian cutting as per cad design we start to make frame in which we fit lights and corian itself we used to screw some time and some time we paste it by resin according to size of corian or need of client

sadhguru kabir life story

when frame is done we use warm white l e d lights to paste in frame back panel which emits lights which travel through corian and give effect you can see in above image we mainly use warm white color it will give life or grace to engraved photo on corian


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